The International Journal of Plant Reproductive Biology
(Indexed by CABI)
ISSN Print : 0975-4296; ISSN Online : 2249-7390
Volume-12, Number-1, Jan, 2020

Flexibility in floral phenological events - a strategy adopted by a ruderal weed for successful invasion

Priya Sharma and Namrata Sharma*
Department of Botany, University of Jammu, Jammu 180006. India

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Received : 16.07.2019; Revised: 29.07.2019; Accepted and Published online: 01.09. 2019


Invasive plants are known to adopt several strategies for successful invasion in new areas. These include flexibility in their genetic system, including reproductive strategies. We report a ruderal weed Hyptis suaveolens (L.) Poit. exhibiting flexibility in floral phenological events as a strategy for successful invasion. This species has been reported to practise mixed mating system via specialized hinge mechanism that promotes cross pollination. In sub-tropical climates of Jammu, the species has an extended flowering period of 78 months and behaves as a highly self-pollinated one with fruit set on bagging (92%) almost in sync with that on open pollination (100%). Although the flowers are visited by insects during the peak blooming period, they were found to be just casual visitors. We speculate that self-pollination has evolved in the species as a strategy for successful invasion.

Keywords:  Weed, outcrossing, invasion, flexibility, autogamy.
Volume : 12(1) pp. 1-4, 2020 Download PDF
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